Field 服务

Field Service Resources Provided Across All Major
Industries and 平台

Whether you need help with a greenfield or brownfield project, maintenance or outage assistance, on a large or small scale, we’re here to help. We provide continuous improvement consulting across all major industries and platforms, dispatching professional on-site resources. In addition, our 100+ commissioning and construction managers, technicians and electricians perform more than 50 startups each year. Our proven SureStart® planning process, along with our eStart digital commissioning tool, takes advantage of the efficiencies we’ve gained through years of experience to help you start up smarter — and sooner.

We needed help to perform a planned shutdown, and MAVERICK stepped in with skilled resources.

— Satisfied Customer, 纸浆 and 纸 Industry

Your path to safer, smarter commissioning.

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Manufacturing Field 服务 Expertise

Every project benefits from our deep experience providing process field consulting for a variety of industries and technologies. Our proven execution methodology guides our process to ensure that we implement solutions in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner, meeting or exceeding project goals.

Case Studies

See how MAVERICK works with customers to overcome unique challenges in the industry.
Natural 气体 Company Builds New Fractionation Plant
Natural 气体 Company Adds Rail Car Loading / Unloading Racks
Natural 气体 中游 Company Expands Truck Loading Racks
乳制品 Producer Transitions Lactose Crystallization Tanks Without Downtime
Major 石油 Refiner Migrates to New DCS Platform
Precious 金属 Recovery Plant Upgrades Cementation Process
Leader in Bioproduct Feedstock Builds Second Pilot Plant
Major Pharmaceutical Company Uses Water Distribution Monitoring System to Effectively Manage Resource Usage
Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Support for Smelter
Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) and Balance of Plant Support (BOP) for Saudi Arabia
Major 纸浆 and 纸 Producer Restarts Mothballed Mill